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Max Bench Press Calculator - Calculate Your One Rep Max (1RM)

The calculator below can be used to determine your approximate one repetition maximum (1RM) weight for the bench press or other exercises. Enter the weight used (in pounds or kilograms) and the number of reps performed (≤20) and press the Calculate button.

1RM Bench Press Calculator

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This calculator is intended primarily for 1RM bench press calculations and uses a composite of the Brzycki, Epley, Wathan and Mayhew formulas, but it can be used for other exercises as well. For a more accurate 1RM squat weight or 1RM deadlift weight, use the 1RM Squat Calculator or the 1RM Deadlift Calculator. For an explanation of how the various 1RM formulas work and the differences between them, visit the 1RM Formulas page.

1RM calculators are typically accurate to within 5% of your actual 1RM weight for calculations using 10 reps or less.  The accuracy of the formulas diminshes past 10 reps, and calculators such as this one should not be relied upon at all past 20 reps.  Keep in mind that this calculator is not 100% accurate and is only intended to be a good starting point for exercise programs that use your 1RM.

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